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Also chilling incarnations of horror given from Michael Bay

Evil Wants to Be Born NowEdit

The Dybbuk is an evil undead entity which was once human itself and as ever since been looking to possess a body once more.

The Dybbuk must first generate its power first taking form of small animals to the small children before taking its final target.

The Dybbuk latches onto a twin of two and then possess its body.

The Dybbuk predates most Jewish Mysticism and is impervious to most modern forms of seance so only a particular exorcism can finally relinquish it once more.

The Dybbuk cannot be killed as it already is dead and must find a way to our world through the ether.

The Dybbuk alters perception making its host experience hallucinatory visions of twisted creatures and swarms of insectalia.

The Dybbuk is nearly as old as time and is the evil of the Unborn.

The Doorway Is OpenEdit

Casey Beldon Mark Hardigan Romy Joseph Sendak Arthur Wyndham Gordon Beldon Janet Beldon Sofie Kozma Eli Walker Jumby Matty Newman

The Suffering of EliEdit

Eli survives the film but playes an intricate role in the killing of Sofie Kozma (more...)

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