Casey Beldon is the daughter of Janet and Gordon Beldon and the older sister of an unnamed younger twin

Casey is the main protagonist in the Unborn and is the survivour of the Dybbuk's Wrath.

Casey was portrayed in the 2009 supernatural horror film helmed by platinum dunes and universal by Cloverfield's Odette Yustman.

Its Trying To Isolate MeEdit

Casey attended a local prestigous college in Rhode Island and lived with her widowed father Gordon Beldon.

Casey had a charming boyfriend Mark Hardigan who stuck by her through the traumatic wrath of the Dybbuk along with her superstitous bestfriend Romy.

Casey was a bright and respectful student who would also alongside Romy babysit some of the local children of their street.

One family of which the Newman's caused quite a few troubles for Casey Beldon.

The Beldon's oldest son 4 year old Matthew Newman was under the influence of the Dybbuk which caused him to smother his infant brother and kill Romy via a butcher's knife as punishment for trying to help Casey.

Matthew was relinquished of the demon but left with the charges of murder.

Casey facing the Dybbuk discovered that it has taken form as her dead brother Jumby and begins killing all those who aid Casey in surviving the beast's wrath.

Casey defeated the Dybbuk along with Mark Hardigan, Arthur Wyndham, Rabbi Sendak and the toher exorcists destroying the Dybbuk's grasp on this world.